What’s the Best Time of the Day to Take Photos?

Best Time

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

Whether you like it or not, the sun will continuously change its position, making things look different in a span of minutes. In case you’re out for landscape or street photography today, here are some tips on the best time to take photos:

When the sun’s on it’s way up to rise or when it’s going to set, the shadows will be long. It’ll be giving a dramatic look on your subjects. On midday, the sun will be high and the shadows will be shorter. Most photographers avoid this time of day.


Redder and more orange photos may likely to be captured when it’s too early in the morning or when the sun begins to set. Make an effort to shoot up early to get natural light on its best. For more accurate information, try looking for forecasts on what time the sunset or sunrise will be.

Golden Hour
The best natural light is present one hour after sunrise and before sunset, which is also known as the golden hour. Unlike any other time of the day, the golden hour produces soft and diffused light as the sun is low in the sky. Portraits are best shot during the golden hour when the sun’s not too harsh, making the details clear without getting too much contrast.


Silhouettes are also best shot during golden hour. Also, when lens flare appears, it would be an additional effect rather than a mistake in photography.


When shooting outdoor photography, the magic hour, or the golden hour works well as it adds a warm glow to the scene. Research on the sunrise and sunset times and look around so that you would know what to capture once the golden hour comes.

Remember that on middays, the sun’s too high and may be the worst time to take outdoor shots. While during dusk, it is ideal to take cityscapes to be able to catch a part of the sunlight with a hint of the dark bluish skies. Constant practice will make you bring the best out of your subjects as you get to catch the best times. Also, using a tripod would be helpful especially when you intend to shoot with long exposure. Be patient as you wait for the golden hour, and when it comes, take the opportunity to capture as much as you can to be able to get a full range of effects.

***Photos were taken from public domain sites.

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