What You Should Bring on a Photowalk

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Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

May it be your own adventure or an organized event, a photowalk is something that a photographer must not miss at least once in his life. A photowalk is basically an activity where one would walk around an area as he takes pictures of things that interest him. Its main purpose is to improve a photographer’s skills. Groups and clubs usually organize this kind of event, and sometimes, they give awards and recognitions for photos which are outstanding.

Joining a photowalk may not be easy because you won’t be working on a space or studio where you are used to work, that is why it is important to be prepared. Here are things that you need to bring or prepare as you join a photowalk:


In joining a photowalk, it is not you who would be the models of the landscapes or scenes; that is why, it is advisable to wear something comfortable rather than something grandiose which will only make you suffer in the end of the event. Wear a good pair of shoes, in which your feet would feel cozy and would not give you blisters as you go from one destination to another. Also, prepare the kind of clothing depending on the weather or on the environment that you would visit.

Extra battery

A photowalk usually takes more than an hour to finish, and you could possibly capture every single angle that you like as you walk through the tour. An extra battery would save your despair when your camera runs out of energy.

Extra memory card

In relation to running out of battery, storage is something that you should always be prepared of, too. You would surely waste time deleting photos that are not too good in your perspective as the photowalk goes on.

A Handy Bag

You could always bring your camera bag, but if you’re bringing a bottle of water, extra clothes, cologne, powerbank and more, a more appropriate bag is needed. backpacks do not go out of style. With this, you could bring your camera accessories, gear and personal belongings all on one bag.

Business Cards

Especially on organized photowalks, you would meet a lot of people with related interests. A photowalk is a good way of expanding your network so that you could know more clients, mentors or even inspirations. Your business cars should include your name, company, contact number, e-mail address and social media links.

These are the essential things that you should prepare for as you join a photowalk, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only things that you should bring. Your extra camera lens could also be used, you just have to make sure that they are properly put inside the bag or box. You may also bring an umbrella or cap for unexpected weather disturbances, a bottle of water and some snacks, necessary first aid kit and a powerbank.

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