What to Remember When Making a Same Day Edit

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    By Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

    In the Philippine setting, the rise of modern technology has paved the way for more complex and more beautifully-made outputs in the field of multimedia. Photos and videos have been trending around social media newsfeeds, giving out more ideas and memories as one could get. But with these, the processes that they have been into aren’t easy as watching and viewing those. Some undergo work under pressure such as the new trend today: same day edit.

    Same Day Edit or SDE is a mini-documentary video (usually used in weddings and debuts) including the preparation and post celebration, with the bride or groom’s perspective. The clips are to be edited on-site and to be viewed by the audience during the reception. Local names such as Jason Magbanua and Nice Print Photography are the leading personalities who create great SDEs for weddings, corporate and special occasions in the country.

    Same Day Edit is a great way to entertain guests and to let the other people who missed important moments be aware of what happened earlier. But this isn’t an easy task because you are to work under time pressure. SDE videos highlight precious moments in a celebration, and you’ve got to have a lot of experiences and flexible skills in working with that. Here’s a list of the things to remember when making an SDE:

    Weather and Location

    Before and during the occasion, you must be aware of the weather forecast and the location of the event, especially if it will be done outdoors. Consider worst case scenarios such as rain or gloomy weather and uncontrollable environment (people “photobombing”). It is important to have an ocular visit to the location so that you may plan which setups, landscapes and backgrounds are suitable for the theme of the SDE.

    Materials and Props

    Preparing your materials beforehand is very important, making it sure that you won’t leave the needed things for the event. Extra batteries, memory cards, lights and extensions could be of help, too. Label your boxes and bags so that you won’t have a hard time in finding the tools. The story board and background music (which will set the mood for the event day itself) should also be prepared prior to the event.

    Time and Flow of Events

    The SDE team and the people involved in the event should coordinate so that plans could be made to prevent mishaps or errors. The main editor should be aware on the given time for filming and for editing. He must be able to estimate and divide his time for collecting, sorting and editing the clips and the rendering time so that he won’t cram in the process.

    SDE Team

    Everyone in the team should cooperate to be able to produce a good output. It is also important that the team suggests before and during the shoot regarding the story or theme to be able to improve the production. The videographers should have a keen eye on the important details and highlights of the event to be able to save time and effort. It is also good to take extra shots in case some do not work or if it encounters problems. Even the clients could share their pitch if they have a request on what they would like to include in the SDE.

    In a sense, all the people involved in the SDE to be filmed should just act naturally and spontaneously to be able to capture genuine moments. Some may think that it is costly, but you would surely regret missing the precious looks and priceless memories that the highly-skilled videographers, with their top-of-the-line equipment may depict in the video. It may be a race against the clock for the videographer and editor, but if all these things would be considered, then get ready for something as instant and awesome at the same time.