What Happens When Old School Photography Meets Instagram

by Matt Frassica, via Studio360.org |

What happens when old school photography meets Instagram? One of our favorite photographers is Bill Cunningham, of theNew York Times. You can see his work every Sunday in the “On the Street” column, where he spots streetwear trends in photos he shoots surreptitiously in New York City. A few years ago, Cunningham was the subject of a documentary called Bill Cunningham New York, which revealed the 85-year-old photographer as a completely charming, dedicated, and altogether humble man.

In the documentary, you learn that Cunningham is completely devoted to shooting on film – he still keeps filing cabinets full of negatives in his apartment. That makes it all the more surprising to find Bill Cunningham has an Instagram account.


Well, actually, Cunningham’s assistant, John Kurdewan, keeps the account, but he fills it with outtakes and images of the master at work.

There are shots of Cunningham laboring over his “On the Street” spreads, printing photos and laying them out by hand.

You can also see him with his omnipresent bicycle, his preferred mode of transportation.

@workforbillc is a fascinating peek behind the scenes at one of fashion photography’s most beloved figures, a good-natured guy who always seems to be wearing a royal blue jacket and a smile. That’s well worth a follow in our book.