VSCO Closes Their Free Photo Studio in NYC


Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

VSCO, an Instagram competitor, recently closed their free photo studio and their offices in NYC. VSCO, however, has its main office in Oakland, California, where the studio is expected to be reopened, too. The company also has an office in Denver, Colorado which came after their acquisition of Artifact Uprising, a printing shop.

This move intended to streamline their staff at their HQ (Oakland), but has made them lay off their employees from the NYC branch. Some of the employees were retained and relocated, and job openings were also put up on their website. Their free photo studio received a positive reception from the users, as they were given the chance to do personal photo shoots for free inside the minimalist and Instagram-worthy space. 

VSCO Cam is a widely-used photo editing and community app for both iOS and Android. It is known for its gorgeous filters, which are mostly used by Instagram users. In mid 2016, VSCO launched their redesigned app for iOS and Android, which mainly featured a simpler navigation and improved functionality. Not all users favored this change, so VSCO later then released an update (in November) to address their complaints.

According to a spokesperson who has confirmed these changes to TechCrunch, VSCO’s now “focused on building the best tools and platform” for their users and the community that they have developed along the process. In line with this, VSCO recently has released an app update allowing users to use and edit RAW photos using their smartphones. This one’s a great feature because RAW files capture more data than the JPEG, and are better for post processing.

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