Top Photography Websites that Can Supercharge Your Photography Skills

By Ana Margarita Olar | |

Are you being stuck on your old photography tricks? Do you want to take your photography skills to the next level? Here are some photography websites that can enhance your photography skills:

PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITES FOR BEGINNERS Photography- website where you can learn camera basics, be updated on photo blogs and contests

Learn photography- especially made for photography neophyte. This photography website guides you through choosing a camera, learning camera terminologies, and mastering composition and lighting. It offers video course and photography tips. Excellent resource even when you use film or digital camera.

Digital Photography School-is an excellent website to start because it offers comprehensive photography trainings and have many photography articles. Darren Rowse, the man behind this website, aims to help photographers get the most out of their cameras. It covers almost everything from tutorials, equipments, and post production. It also features a very active forum allowing you to communicate with other photographers.

The Photo Argus-from neophytes to advanced, this site provides an excellent resource for photographers. It has useful information, inspiration, techniques and more.



PhotographyNow- showcases portfolios from past master photographers to contemporary greats. this site is a great resource of inspiration on outdoor photography such as: nature, wildlife, and landscapes.
World Press Photo- provides an inspiration for aspiring photojournalist. It has a showcase of winning images from the annual
Word Press Photo Contest and read articles on interviews with professional photojournalist. is a fantastic site for food photographers.

National Geographic Photography- This site has beautiful portfolios of inspirational photography and tips from National Geographic Photojournalists. This site is an excellent resource for portrait photographers. Provides summarized articles on panoramic photography, time lapse and hdr photography.

Photography Week-is an online magazine featuring best international photography samples, tips, and interviews from professional all over the world.

Foto08- creates an interaction opportunity for documentary photographer, authors, and audiences to come up with dynamic displays, photography exhibitions, and publications.


Photoplus- especially made for Canon users, this site will guide you on what you need to know about various models of the Canon EOS DSLR. It includes photography and photo editing tutorials, quick fixes and tips, which will help you, take a good quality images.

Digital Camera World- serves as a guide on how to improve digital photos because this site is organized clearly into sections including tutorials, review, and photography news.

Luminous Landscape- is a website that has a comprehensive series of technical stuffs.

Cambridge in Colour- has articles about technical aspects of digital photography such as: histograms, autofocus, color management, and camera sensors.

Strobist- helps you learn how to use off-camera flash with your DLSR and upgrade the quality of the images to the next level.