Top 7 Youtube Photography Channels For Newbie and Pro

By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Photography has become a popular hobby since the birth of high tech cameras from point and shoot, smartphone cameras and SLR. And instead of paying for formal training, many aspiring photographers tend to self-study by watching from youtube.

So if you are searching for videos to hone you photography skills and learn camera techniques, here are some YouTube photography channels that you should visit:

Mike Browner

His YouTube photography channel educates newbies through videos that provide techniques, tips and tutorials to help you make better photos.

His teaching method is very personal because he explains why he chose specific settings for a specific situation in a step by step manner.

B&H Photo

This YouTube photography channel contains 250 plus Event Space videos. The videos are a series of free lectures and workshops to enhance the public’s knowledge about photography.

B&H website also offers photography resources such as lighting setups, camera accessories, audio equipment, presentation tools and many others.

Youtube Photography Channels

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes created this YouTube photography channel that has a dual mission: to enhance knowledge about technical aspects of photography and to incorporate creativity, history and art in the practice of photography.

DigitalRev TV

This is a Hongkong based YouTube photography channel that has 600 plus videos with over 280 million views and 1.4 million subscribers. This channel is also referred to as the Top Gear of Photography.

Kelby One

Founded by Scott Kelby, which is also an organization that provides creative education with the emphasis on photography and Adobe Photoshop.

The YouTube channel provides basic topics such as exposure techniques and proper lens selection and later covers more advanced tips on post processing.


Cooperative of Photography is a channel and online store and magazine for photographers. The videos are about tips and ideas on how to enjoy photography.

Some videos include simple photography hacks, photo composition tips (with Steve McCurry), and Smartphone Photography tips and tricks.

The Camera Store TV

This is like the Reality TV for cameras because it doesn’t just review the latest cameras but also describes in detail how the camera is being used.

Some videos in this channel are Canon 5D MK III vs. Nikon D800 with Nathan Elson, Fuji HS20 vs. DSLR Shootout, and Battle At F-Stop Ridge.

Other popular YouTube channels that you can try are Matt Granger, Phlearn, Thomas Heaton, AdoramaTV, SLR Lounge, Backcountry Gallery, and Tony Northup.