Top 6 Influential Photography Bloggers You Should Follow

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Photography has gone several miles these days. More than a hobby, it became a profession. More than a creation, it became a masterpiece. And because of new forms of communication, the photographers are not just behind the camera, many of them became an online sensation.

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Here are some top photography bloggers you should know:

Damien Franco

He is a very simple photography blogger where you can pick some vital gems for photography. He has 30k plus followers on twitter and has made a name for himself on the web through his twitter, blogs, and his articles at

Jasmine Star

Wedding photography is her ticket to becoming a pro and Jasmine really knows her thing when it comes to wedding photography. She’s one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographer ranked by the American Photo Magazine and one of the Top 5 Most Influential Photographers by PDN magazine. This photography blogger really deserves to be on this list because she’s not only a photographer, she’s an online personality.

Scott Kelby

This photography blogger founded the Kelby, and he is the editor-in-chief for Photoshop User magazine. He is also the president of NAPP National Association of Photoshop Professionals. So there is no reason why you should add to his 40k plus followers on twitter.

Gary Arndt.

His website started sometime in 2007 when Gary decided to travel the world and so far he had been in over 95 countries. His blog has become his photo diary where he relates his travels in photographs. He has over 100k followers on twitter and a huge fan base as well.

David Hobby.

His website, Strobist was started as an online blog way back in 1995. David was a pro photojournalist and right now his website has grown and has a monthly viewer and reader of over 300k photographers from over 100 countries. Strobist is a website that gives tips on lighting techniques to improve photography.

Scott Burne

He has 100k plus twitter followers and he has been writing a blog about photography since 1998. His website, Photofocus, shares news, reviews, tips and tricks from Scott and other prominent photographers. This is of big help to amateurs and professionals alike. This site has a very active community of engaged readers who also shares their knowledge via a comment.

Those are just some of the most influential photography bloggers that made it not only in photography but as an online celebrity as well.