Top 5 Reasons Why Photographers Should take Social Media Marketing Seriously

By Ana Margarita Olar |

Many photographers are so busy perfecting their craft, always looking for new ways to enhance their knowledge and skills but they often forget and essential part of their business: Marketing. One powerful marketing tool nowadays is the use of social media and here are some reasons why:pexels-photo-12696

Reach potential target market with lesser cost

Remember the days when you have to spend time and money in posting advertisements, in printing and distribution of flyers, or relying on word of mouth to spread the news that you have a photography services to offer? Well, social media offers advertisement with lesser cost and a wider coverage. This is an era where people shop via social media, looks for food via social media, and who knows? They might as well be looking for an excellent photography service through social media.

Better chance to enlarge your network

When you engage in social media marketing you have the chance to be involved with a virtual community of photographers where you can share knowledge for free, or offer photography tutorials with pay, of course. You may also get a referral from them especially if a potential client is looking for services that you specifically have. You may also get in touch with bloggers who are interested in featuring your services on their article, widening your reach even more.

Social media are platforms that give you a chance to connect with individuals, who luckily, may need your photography services. How will you know if you don’t give it a shot?

Mindful using of social media as a marketing tool is a convenient way to connect with a number of like-minded photographers from around the globe. You can gain new friendships, learn new perspectives in photography and discover other ways of earning from photography.

Build a one-stop shop

You can post your finest portfolios or samples, offer your services, talk about why they should hire you, state about the price. Do all of these at the convenience of your own studio or home. Of course, you need to add value in your posts and make it more personal so you can attract more potential customers. Here are some tips on how to add value when you post your photography advertisement:

You have to answer these questions:

Will it attract an audience?

Will it inspire another?

If someone shared it with me, would I find it interesting?

Is this spammy?

Be genuine; make it appear more personal so that you can attract more audience and more potential clients as well.