Top 5 Apps You Must Have for iPhone Photography

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Basically, the built-in iPhone camera is great but app developers have proved that the iPhone lens and sensor are capable of doing much more.

Here are the top 7 apps that you must have to level up iPhone photography:

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This app takes iPhone Photography to a superb level. It offers all the features of the built-in tools that allow users to gain more control of their shot. These include adjustable shooting grids, image stabilization, fully manual exposure control, and an innovative HDR mode. One of its best features is that it gives control to the quality or size of the photo was taken. Additionally, ProCamera8 also offers an essential set of editing tools for processing your photo.


Initially, Visual Supply Company earned their reputation when they create a unique film emulation presets that can be used in desktop software Adobe Lightroom. Now many of these functions are packed in this iPhone photography app. Many of their editing tools feature a soft and slightly faded look compared with harsh editing tools of other apps. This app can be downloaded free of the basic editing tools and filters.


This app takes your iPhone photography experience to a new level as they have the tagline: ‘digital photography never looked so analog’. It offers a bundle of different lenses, flash, and film. Thus, it is a simple an effective tool to create stunning images in wide range of style and class. You can mix and match different combos to achieve a variety of photographic effects. If you are spontaneous and want to experiment, just shake to randomize and let the app select the combination for you.


This app was originally designed by Nik who are now owned by Google. The interface is very “user-friendly” and the actions are one of a kind whether you want to add drama, structure, tilt shift, retro effects, and so on. It also has a unique Selective Adjustment tool that allows you to adjust brightness, color saturation, and contrast, on selected portions of an image.


Like ProCamera8, this App is a combination of camera and photo editing app. But its features make it stand out. The camera of this app gives you full manual control of exposure settings which is great for separating the focus and exposure points. It offers a vast number of tools for editing and enhancing your image. You can also select with the automatic preset adjustments.

Those are the top apps that you can download and try to make your iPhone photography more fun, enjoyable, and creative.