Top 4 College and University Photography Programs in the US

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Looking for top schools to sharpen your photography skills?

Here are some institutions and academe offering photography programs that you might wish to consider:

Yale School of Fine Art

Established on 1869, and located in New Haven Connecticut, is frequently mentioned and listed as the top school that offers photography programs if you can get accepted in the first place.

The school offers Master of Arts in Photography which means you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree before applying to this institution. The school is highly selective, admits only less than 100 students per year. And each term, students are subjected to a critique panel for a final review.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Located in Chicago Illinois, this institution was founded on 1886 and covers a vast array of arts including photography, fashion, architecture, ceramics, and sculpture. The photography programs offer both graduate and undergraduate courses.

There are distinguished faculty members and practicing artists. One of the special features of the undergraduate program includes a senior seminar class where they are teamed up with graduate students for collaboration to enhance their focus on professional development.

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School of Visual Arts

Established in 1947, this institution is located in New York and offers various art degrees from Art Criticism to Filmmaking. This school has cutting edge facilities and best for students looking to earn a BFA degree in photography.

Students in their senior year are paired with the finest in New York’s Art Scene. Another photography program is the Masters in Digital Photography which is an intensive and rigorous one-year course that focuses on real-world application

California Institute of Arts

Founded on 1961 by Walt Disney, this institution is a private university located at Santa Clarita, California. They offer a Program in Photography and Media dedicated to artists interested in developing their technical skills and engaging in critical debates and communications that help them understand their work.

This program offers a four-year BFA in photography and media and a two-year MFA in photography and media. Also, this program prepares the students not only in photography but in other fields such as contemporary art, filmmaking, educators, writers and art critics, journalists, designers, publishers, and entrepreneurs among others.

There are a vast number of colleges and universities that offer photography which you can choose from.

What you can do is analyze yourself or ask assistance from guidance counselor to know you strengths, weaknesses, and potentials, and send your application to the top three universities of your choice.