Tips for your DIY Baby Photo Shoot

baby photo shoot
baby photo shoot

Mitzi Ilagan |

It isn’t really a new idea to have a photo shoot with your first newborn, with all the fancy props and backdrops around. Parents, especially first-timers, get too excited about doing one that they would  bring up a lot of ideas. But then, babies are not that easy to photograph, just as how naughty 3-year old kids are. Here are tips to get that shoot done with less hassle:

Be ready with your theme.

If you’re doing it at home, most likely, it’ll be more of a lifestyle baby photo shoot. There, you could photograph how the baby looks like at home, where he stays, how mommy feeds him, his daily sleeping position, and the like. If you’re up for a fun shoot, you must do it on the first 2 week from his birth. It would be the best time to do a baby photo shoot because he’ll be very sleepy, making it easy for you to “mold” or “shape” him to different poses.

Always keep the baby safe.

With all of your props and ideas, the baby’s safety should be your first priority. Even when there would be instances that you can’t do a certain pose, you may want to dismiss the idea if the baby’s getting uncomfortable already.

Have a handful of props.

This part should be as meticulous as choosing the baby’s things. Create a checklist the day before the day of shoot so you won’t miss an item. You could make use of pillows, textured blankets, light colored backdrops, hats, headbands, and clothes. Regarding the clothes, they should be easy to wear and remove so that your baby won’t feel distracted when you dress her up. A baby photo shoot gets more exciting when there are colorful props around, creating more interesting photo sets.

Be patient.

You should know from the start that you can’t just control the baby’s actions when doing the shoot, right? If the baby keeps on moving and is not sleepy enough, take a break first, make the parents spend time with the baby because they sure know how to deal it. If the baby’s a little older, you could get his attention by showing colorful toys or making the parents smile behind you as you take shots.

Take close-up shots.

Most baby photos today shows a lot of the baby’s details which makes the set more memorable. Even without props, you could snatch some close-ups of your baby’s body parts. A macro lens could do the trick, especially if you’ll do it with manual focus. Close-up shots are best done when the baby’s in deep sleep so that there would be no movements as you take shots.

Keep shooting.

When the baby moves, take photos. When the baby keeps still, keep shooting, too. You’ll never know when you’d get the perfect shot as you go spontaneous. You just have to let the baby move, yawn, stretch because in random movements, you might be able to capture amazing shots.

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