Tips and Tricks for Travel Photographers

By Ana Margarita Olar | |

Basically, you just love taking pictures. And you want to take it to whole new level- like travel photography. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Master your craft.

Before going on a trip, be sure that you know how to operate your camera, lens and you know its basic features. Your precious time for travel should be spent searching for a good photo-op and not for stressing yourself out on how you operate your camera.


  • Plan your trip well.

As a travel photographer, you should have a basic knowledge of the place. Ask around or search the net to have a wide variety of lodgings to choose from. Choose a lodging that has a fantastic view. Have a list of your itineraries so that you will enjoy not just the place but the travel itself.

  • Travel light.

You’re a travel photographer. Expect to hop in from place to place. So don’t bring unnecessary baggage with you.

  • Be friendly and be courteous.

You’re travelling because you want to shoot a perfect image. As a travel photographer, you have the opportunity to meet the locals of the place. Greet them; interview them about the different spots that are picture perfect. If you are shooting pictures of people, ask their permission first. Also, this is a perfect time to broaden your network as you meet with other travel photographers.

  • Take your time.

Travel slow as a good photo-op may also be seen along the way. If you have an ample time, take some to feel the place, taste local food, mingle with the people so that you’ll understand that place better. And, if you’re imaginative enough, you can have a photo depicting a different view of the place.

  • Be at the right place at the right time.

Get up early in the morning, so that you’ll have a perfect image without a lot of photo bombers in it. If possible, try to go on a high place to have a perfect view and angle of the scenery you want to capture.

  • Be an art student- again and again.

Photography includes dynamic and vast knowledge of art so you have to find every opportunity to learn. It may be by serving as a professional photographer’s assistant, visiting art galleries, or watching a portfolio of other photographers. You can also sharpen your abilities by attending workshops and seminars.

And lastly, you have to keep that portfolio alive. Keep travelling. And if you are hesitant to travel, start by discovering your own locality. Try to picture out why your locality stands out from others. Be imaginative enough to discover the beauty of your own home.