Subjects to Capture on Your Next Photo Walk

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    Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

    When traveling, nature itself would offer a lot of sights you could choose from. There are natural wonders, man-made environments and of course, the different faces of man that you could capture. Let your eyes roam, and from that, do a photo walk.

    1. Landscapes would always be present when traveling. You should take note of the composition when taking photos of a landscape, such as the shadows, light and colors. On you next photo walk, you may try shooting both in portrait and landscape so you could choose which one looks better, because what you may see with your naked eye may not be fully viewed from your photo.

    2. Seascapes are also one of the most photographed subjects, especially when on a summer vacation. You could capture movements of the water, with warm sunlight and some clouds. There must always be a point of interest: a small wave coming to the shore may be a focal point in your foreground while a woman clad in a bright swimwear could balance the scene.

    3. Different forms of water offer variety when shooting. Lakes, rivers and streams often have surrounding lands which are reflected in the water, which could be a very beautiful detail when captured. Proper exposure must be controlled and calculated to be able to achieve this. Meanwhile, still water produces a reflection of the surrounding scenery. You could try shooting in different angles and lighting variations to achieve it.

    4. Every day, the ever-changing light and weather changes provide endless choices for you to capture. Sunsets are undoubtedly the favorite, but in fact, you could always take photos of the sky beautifully, at any given time. The exposure is important, because you could not merely control the natural light provided by the sun. When it comes to sunsets, one must always be ready because the sun rapidly sets beneath the horizon. Try to shoot in burst mode so as to capture the moving sun.

    5. People are also important subjects a during photo walk. Most of the time, they give identity to your photos especially on the place you went during your travels. Most locals do not mind having their photographs taken, especially when you do not point directly at them, but you always have to make sure to be polite at all times. Viewpoints are important to remember, because it gives depth and angle to your shots . You could also use the rule of thirds in capturing people. Also, you must have an eye on the subject’s clothing and background to have a better photo.

    6. Buildings and architecture are also one o the most photographed when traveling. The composition must always be noted, with the lighting, shadows, exposure and the weather. Good viewpoints must also be taken in consideration. For example, when capturing a tall building from the ground, make sure that your frame does not consist of unnecessary details aside from the building, the sky and a complementary detail so as not to have distractions. At night, the cityscape may e an enchanting view to capture. Usually, the best time to shoot is half an hour after the sunset, when the sky becomes deep blue. You could usually capture patterns and details in looking at architecture. With this, you must always consider the texture, frame, symmetry and perspective.

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