Social Media Trends for Photo Business in 2016

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

With the boom of social media is the rise of photography businesses.

Weddings, debut, and other events can’t be complete without a photo shoot. With the increasing competition, below are the social media trends that you should be prepared for the year 2016:

social media photography 1

People are searching in social media

The traffic in social media skyrockets and customers spend more time in social networks. They don’t want clicks that will take them away from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They wanted to watch, join a contest, or sign up inside these social media platforms.

Online comments and reviews are becoming the new review standard and the basis of your service’s credibility. 88% of online purchases are influenced by social media reviews.

People search more in social media for services like photoshoot services and also look at the proof of work in there.

What should you do?

Aside from your website, make sure that you’ll invest in social media platforms.

For example, photographers add their clients on Facebook and tag teaser photo of weddings and debut so that the friends or followers of their clients may see their work.

Because people are proud to share life stories, encourage them to post a review about your service online. When client loves your work, they usually do.

Don’t put your egg in one basket. Use different platforms and manage it well. If you don’t have time to do social media marketing, hiring a part-time social media manager is a good investment too.

People love to use mobile more than PCs

Google announces that many people are now using mobile for searches. They also urge that websites should be mobile friendly.

If your website is not; make sure that you upgrade or ask your web developer to choose themes that are easily viewed in mobiles.

What you should do?

Your clients and potential clients are on mobile. Take this as an opportunity for marketing and referrals. StickyAlbums can help photographers to create mobile apps to make your business maximize mobile trends.

Social media is fast evolving every year. Make sure that your photography business will keep up with the trend.