Safety First: 5 Safety Tips for Street Photographers

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

The street is filled with adventures that will make a good addition to your portfolio as a street photographer, but before shooting that picture, be aware of these safety tips:

Safety tip #1: Have knowledge of the place and tell someone where you are going.

Being a street photographer, you might think that jumping right into a strange place and just take photos adds to thrill and adventure of your job but it also poses hazard to your safety. Yes, it is your job to photograph the action but be sure you are aware of your surroundings especially the temperament of the people around you. Make sure that someone from home knows your location.

Safety tip #2: Have an appropriate wardrobe.

First, as a street photographer, you need to blend in because you want to take a photo to catch your audience’s attention and not drawing attention to yourself while taking the photograph.

Second, you don’t want the subject to feel that you are stalking them or seducing them.

Your clothes should serve the purpose you from extreme environmental conditions such as very hot or very cold weather.

Safety tip #3: Keep your gear with you at all times and keep a record of all your gear.

Just to ensure that you won’t be a victim of theft, make sure your camera and other valuables are with you all the time. But in an event of a holdup, don’t try to be a hero.

Your life is much more valuable than your gear. This is also why you need to keep the documents of your gear such as model, serial number, and date of purchase which is the information that you’ll need in case you lose your camera.

Safety tip #4: Be courteous with the locals.

If you’re a street photographer looking for action, there are times when you don’t have the chance to ask permission before taking the photo.

Also, the effect will be different when the subject is conscious of the camera. In these situations, you just need to read the body language of your subject before taking a photo and be aware of other people surrounding you.

Safety tip #5: Discern whether taking the shot is more advantageous than the risk.

As a street photographer, it is very tempting to take a picture of a gang fighting, a commotion, people in the middle of a heated argument, or controversial personalities doing controversial things, be able to discern whether having that picture of these things is worth taking the risk and compromising your safety. Be cautious to whom and when you point that camera.

Keep all these safety tips in mind and have fun capturing precious moments!