Places to go for Food and Drinks in Europe


Some people fascinate about historical places while for others picturesque scenery and nature’s bounty make an ideal travel destination. Then there are the food lovers who want to taste their destinations-LITERALLY!

Gastronomy is a popular practice these days but Europe has elevated gastronomy to the status of a classical art form.

So what makes Europe a food lover’s paradise? 

When it comes to an enriched culinary experience then Europe probably has its hands full. Owing to its diversity Europe is a melting pot of cultures and it is evident in its cuisine. 

Europe’s food culture bears the imprints of global trade as its cuisine is an amalgamation of food practices from different countries. 

Michelin star restaurants to eating in a hole-in-the-wall like the locals, infinite destinations and an ever-evolving culinary scene. Europe checks all the boxes to earn its reputation as a foodie hotspot. 

The following destinations in Europe are best for satisfying your food cravings. 


germany foodLush sausages, brats and bockwurst, pioneer vegan restaurants, Vietnamese noodle points and kebab stalls–you name it and Germany has it.

The Deutsch beer is world-famous, and they have German beer purity laws to keep its quality top-notch.

Landjäger, weisswurst, sauerkraut–you don’t need to learn their pronunciation, just devour these delicacies and have fun.

Visit Berlin to get your hands on the infamous currywurst and sausage. Berlin has elevated the German food culture with its inventive eateries. 

If you’re looking for premium dining options then Michelin Star restaurants such as Reinstoff and Weinbar Rutz won’t disappoint you.


france foodFrench gourmet practices echo one-word-class

Calling yourself a foodie and not talking about French cuisine is an unforgivable sin. The birthplace of the ‘haute cuisine’, France boasts of sophisticated restaurants, premium wineries and reputed Culinary schools–yes! A school to learn about food. 

French food carries the charm of its history and there is something romantic about the names of its dishes. You can try them at prestigious restaurants like Guy Savoy and Le Cinq.

A food-lover must always visit Paris. There is a multitude of bistros, brasserie, boulangerie and various suave dining options.

If you didn’t say À la vôtre! with a bottle of Courvoisier in your hand then you haven’t experienced the Parisian culture properly. Courvoisier AKA “the Cognac of Napoleon” is the epitome of Paris’s golden age. 

Dining on a budget? Then classic French Pizza, baked camembert or the delicious croissants have got you covered. 


Italy food

Pizza and Pasta lovers unite!

Italian cuisines and flavours are all about warmth and togetherness

The Italians are extremely passionate about their food, and they still take their grandma recipes seriously. Their food is minimalist but equally mouth-watering.

When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Savour the classic Roman Cacio e Pepe. The Romans use the ‘fifth quarter’ ingredients that are the poorest animal parts. These are rich in taste and nutrition and if you’re an adventurous foodie then this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

The Romans take their Wine very seriously so all the wine lovers are in for a treat if they visit Rome.

The best restaurants to devour Italian food are La Pergola and II Palagio.




We’ve all heard the jokes about UK’S cuisine but honestly, it’s so much more than just tea and sandwiches. 

England was introduced to spices and flavours from all over the world due to colonisation and trade. Puddings, pies and pastries cater to your sweet tooth cravings. 

In the Scotch, gin and beer game the UK is probably dominating the global arena.

London is another bustling city that is making its mark with the best restaurant scenario. 

Over 65 Michelin restaurants prove that London has undergone a foodie revolution. Increase in the population of Indians has added a quirky tinge to English food by introducing spices.  

Probably this is the reason why ‘chicken tikka masala’ is allegedly the most popular dish in the United Kingdom. Also, fish and chips.

Due to a population of over 12 million, every top-chef in the world wants to open a restaurant in London’s streets. Eateries from chefs like Clare Smyth, Gordon Ramsey makes London a food paradise. 

Don’t forget to visit the likes of The Ivy and The Ledbury.


spain food

If Italian cuisines cherish their heritage cooking traditions then Spanish gourmet is an epitome of a perfect blend of their indigenous food traditions and the saucy and tangy Mediterranean ingredients.

Spanish cooking techniques and precision are immaculate. Their diverse flavours, energizing citrus dishes and bite-size treats will surely give you a mouth-orgasm.

Paella-this seafood risotto with a crisp caramelized base is their ethnic delicacy and nobody serves it better than Barcelona. The pa amb tomàquet (bread rubbed with tomato) here is absolutely heartwarming.  

The Spanish don’t shy away from utilizing Mediterranean fruits that make their food colourful. The Spanish tortilla is proof that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Madrid is the hub of the avant-garde restaurant and the drinking scene here is lively and passionate. Dine at the world’s oldest restaurant Botín and if you’re a drink-lover then don’t miss out on the Tapas bars. 

San Sebastian AKA the ‘food capital of Europe’ lives up to its name. 

Michelin stars eateries like Mugaritz and Arzak, dishes like ‘Pimientos de Padron’ and ‘Bacalao’ and drinks like ‘Txakoli’ make it a foodie heaven.

If you’re dining on a budget don’t forget to check out the pintxos bars   


Gastronomical travel has achieved significant headway in recent times. A rich food history, wide variety of cuisines, various eating joints and an opportunity to taste ethnic dishes make a destination a foodie paradise. Next time you’re packing your bags visit these countries and treat yourself to their delicacies.