Photography for Kids: How to Teach Kids Basic Photography

Ana  Margarita Olar |

One fun way to bond with your kids is to teach them about photography. It offers many benefits for your kids. They enjoy and learn how to be creative.

Choosing the angle, settings, can enhance their decision-making skills as well as their ability to foresee the outcome of their decision.

Here are some ways on how to teach photography for kids:


Keep it simple

You don’t have to jump right into a professional camera. To teach photography for kids, just a phone with a camera or a tablet will do. Or you can try this first. Use a two L-shaped pieces of cardboard to teach them about what they are seeing and compose a scene.

Teach them how to hold a camera

It is easy to assume that you can just shoot and shoot whichever way you hold the camera. But there are basic techniques to do this. One is to hold the camera straight. As a beginner, they need to check the framing of their shot first.

Teach the child how to stay still while shooting

Show them how the image will look like if their hands are shaking. The experiment on different angles can come in the later part of the lesson.

Select a subject

One interesting topic when you teach photography for kids is helping them choose a subject. The choices are limitless. But let them start with inanimate objects first. Let them decide whether it’s a doll, a favorite stuff toy, a flower, a ball. Their favorite pet such as a dog or a cat can be a subject in the future lessons.

Set your subject on a table or any level place

Then remind your child to get close to the subject. And show how to get 20 shots of the subject from different angles: side, back top, high and low. Then let your child take the shot.

Another basic thing to remember when you teach photography for kids is to check the background of their subject. Teach them how to cut distractions. Show them how to scan the background and to change their framing if needed.

Practice, experiment, and explore

Because of digital photography, your child can now take pictures as much as they want. Let them choose the subject. And practice at different angles.

Let them choose different backgrounds. Let them take many images to learn different techniques by themselves.