Pegs for Summer Vacation Photos

summer vacation photo, tips for outdoor photography

Patricia Aleckzandra Tenioso |

PH is warming up, and so is your desire to head for the beach to cool off or somewhere cold to chill. For sure, you’re starting to count down the days until you say goodbyes to those paper works and hello to pampering yourself. For this summer, we recommend you to go on an adventure and make the best out of everything. Never forget your trusted camera and let the world know where you’re spending “me time”. Take the shoots and remember these few pegs to go with your summer vacation photos.

Peg #1: See the View. Go high above! Capture photos on elevated places to show the beauty and grandeur of it. Shots like these can also give a better perspective and depth to your photo. But remember to be careful. You might slip or trip then fall. You don’t want to spend your vacation on bed, do you? Your safety should be the foremost important.

Peg #2: Snaps with Bae. Make your vacation more memorable by spending it with your special someone. Feel the love in the air as you feel the heat of the sun. Capture the moments you both would look back to for your next summer getaway.

Peg #3: Capture the Locals. A photo can hold a thousand words so don’t just tell one story – tell two, three or more. One way is by using the locals as your subject. Try capturing moments when locals are doing their everyday chores, or locals who are simply reliving the moment. In this way, you can add life to your snaps with just a click. Grab the opportunity to make memories tangible.

Peg #4: Pictures with Bestie. Or groupie with the gang. What better way to enjoy summer is to enjoy it with your best friends? Go grab those bold sunnies or get under the heat and flaunt those beach bodies you’re squad have been working on for months. The squad prefers road trips? Then don’t forget your camera and capture the moment. You can play around with themes. Try going for a Beetles themed photos or just groupies with your monopod and camera. We suggest you go for a fish-eye lens for cooler photos.

Peg #5: Picture On-Board. Why not take a photo boarding the ferry you’ll take? Or take a nice photo of the view outside your plane window. Or maybe the passenger you met on the bus. Put that camera in good use even if you are still on your way to your destination. Your photo captions would be best if it leaves its viewers the urge to go to the haven you are about to visit.

Peg #6: Take Your Selfie. This advice is the most generic of all advices: take selfies – on places that you have visited, with your favorite mirror on you walk passed by every morning at your hotel, with your favorite breakfast they serve, or even just a selfie before going to sleep after one tiring yet happy day. Let the world know how much you are enjoying. Taking photos of yourself would add some personal touches to your pictures. Give the camera your best smile!