Paper Photography by Adriana Napolitano

paper photography

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With the growing number of photography enthusiasts today, some just seem to do the same thing–wedding coverages, model pictorials, random photo shoots and even nature photography. Fortunately, there will be some who would think out of the box, using up their creative juice as they shoot away from the fad. Life is indeed something one could take inspiration of, especially when it comes to photography. Adriana Napolitano decided that she could creatively make use of that, that she wouldn’t just follow a trend─through paper photography.

As a set designer, Adriana builds costumes, props and set designs. She makes use of all kinds of stuff to recreate it into something wonderful and useful. She sure has an artistic mind, which she has developed more as she moved to Berlin from Italy. Adjusting to a new environment is not easy, but through her boyfriend’s help, who is a photographer, she discovered a whole new way of expressing herself.

paper photography

Among the stuff that she works with, paper is her favorite. Besides, you could do almost anything with paper. But Adriana has her own way. She uses them as props. She makes it seem like they’re real. Add to that, portrait photography is her league. Given those advantages, she started a series showcasing her fusion of photography and arts. Her works represent her daily life–worries, dreams, happy moments, sad times and even PMS. She even does self-portraits which gives her an outlet for expression as well. She considers herself as the easiest to capture because she knows exactly what she wants. But of course, setbacks would always be present as one pursues with his/her career or hobbies, just as how she experiences it. There’s a monster called lack of self-confidence which frightens her, but that’s all it could do because she fights it away as she work harder and better. Here’s how it works: she does self-portraits but she has to be alone while shooting because she’s shy.

Doing this isn’t what she really dreamed of, but aside from reading and browsing over the Web, she now finally has found her “thing”. And that “thing” is something that stands out among other kinds of photography. And for those who would like to have a motivation, here are her tips:

1. Try, try, try a lot. Study a lot.

2. See a lot of beautiful images every day.

3. Be humble and learn from the best (and from your errors).

4. Try to be original and to communicate something.

Adriana tools include a Canon Eos Mark II, Adobe Photoshop, some paper, glue, scissors, tape and spray paint. With these, who could have thought these stunning photographs would be taken?

paper-props self-portrait paper-props props

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