Rod Gabriel |

When everyone rides the bandwagon of taking Snapshots latest array of filters, several prominent make-up artists are up in arms and accusing Snapchat of stealing their original work to come up with “cool” new selfie filters. The similarities are so striking that Snapchat in a way has admitted their guilt. The photos in the artists’ Instagram accounts show high similarities to Snapchat’s filters. After the reported similarity, Snapchat immediately took them down.

Here are some samples of the reported similarities.

Right after several reports went up online, and an in-depth report by The Ringer, Snapchat responded that it could be true, and never made an official apology.

Here is Snapchat’s official statement.

The creative process sometimes involves inspiration, but it should never result in copying. We have already implemented additional layers of review for all designs. Copying other artists isn’t something we will tolerate, and we’re taking appropriate action internally with those involved.