LG G4: Creating Great Cuisines Visual Experience

LG G4: Creating Great Cuisines Visual Experience

Awesome Planet in partnership with LG Electronics will surely drive you crazy because of its exceptional visual presentation of Philippines great cuisines shot using the all new LG G4.

The all new LG G4 is a ground-breaking camera and display, and cutting-edge design and fabrication, all in the palm of your hand.

An ergonomic, gently contoured device crafted from timeless materials with its f/1.8 low-light lens, Manual Mode, Optical Image Stabilization, Laser Autofocus, and high-res image sensors, the smartphone is finally getting a pro-grade upgrade.

The 5.5” IPS Quantum display on the new LG G4 is brighter, more colorful, and has more contrast than ever before. It’s our boldest and most brilliant yet, kind of like the LG G4 itself.

Here are some of the 100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit:

Cuisines-Le Pepit Souffle's Champigno Fritters
Le Pepit Souffle’s Champigno Fritters
Cuisines-Frangos Piri Piri Chicken
Frangos Piri Piri Chicken
Cuisines-Le Pepit Souffle's Squid ink rice
Le Pepit Souffle’s Squid-ink rice
Cuisines-Dragon Maki
Dragon Maki
Cuisines-Le Pepit Souffle's Foie Gras Mac and Cheese
Le Pepit Souffle’s Foie Gras Mac and Cheese
Cuisines-Brotzeir Sausages
Brotzeir Sausages