Let’s Go B&W: 5 Reasons to Capture It Black and White

by Patricia Aleckzandra Tenioso

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph them in B&W, you photograph their souls.” – Ted Grant

Photography is a widely explored field nowadays. With availability of different types of photography equipment such as digital cameras and smartphones and editing tools and application such as Lightroom and Photoshop, it is not just professional photographers that can produce beautiful photos. One of the few techniques that people want to try is “B&W Photos” or black and white photos. Yet, not everyone wants to try it with a fear of B&W may not work that well. Some would say it would spoil the moment when we eliminate the color of the photo. Well, fear no more! Here are five reasons why you should try capturing the moment in black and white.

Reason #1: It emphasizes emotions. Color can sometimes be a distraction to a photo. It can distract people from what the photographer may want to say with its photo. With the color gone, the viewer can focus on other details of the photo such as the face, the eyes, the mouth, the tears, wrinkles, and more actions the subjects portray. This can create a much stronger connection between the subject and the viewers, and leaves the viewers not just an aesthetic appeal towards the photo but emotional as well.

Reason #2: You’ll appreciate “light” differently. Proper lighting is one of the essentials in photography. It enhances your photos and help in distinguishing your subject. These are some of the reasons why better lighting is advised in colored pictures. How about those in B&W? A good photographer must learn how to play with lights. The contrast of light and dark can lead into an interesting photo. One can focus on small details, rather than the color of the frame. Light can also highlight another aspect of your photo.

Reason #3: It is classic. One reason why a lot of photographers choose B&W is because it creates timeless and beautiful photos that touches both heart and soul. It can easily disregard time by giving the photo a notion that it is from another era. Color is one way to suggest the setting of a photo. B&W images can manipulate the time and suggest a different period to its viewers.

Reason #4: It helps you focus on the basic details. The texture, the composition, the patterns. People can be more attracted to these basic elements. The photographer can also focus more on it rather than making the colors pop, or making it work. It makes patterns more visible. Texture and composition is appreciated more in B&W images because we can focus on its material giving the illusion that we are actually touching it.

Reason #5: It gives a little drama. Most B&W photos are supposed to be dramatic and leave a striking impact to its viewers. What better way have a lasting impact is to have a little drama in it? B&W images give its viewers a chance to create a story behind it, and study the depth of it. Something that is not so dramatic in real life can have great intensity when a glimpse of it is caught by the camera.

The reasons above are merely suggesting that you try shooting in B&W. In an era where we can shoot in color, B&W photos are still widespread for some reasons. So, grab your cameras and try it out. You might be surprised of the results that memories can be beautiful even in black and whites.