Mitzi Ilagan |

We know you just can’t get enough of your furry little babies, that’s why selfies with them matter to you more than your best friend’s sunset selfie by the beach. But the downside is, not every pet, even the man’s best friend, cooperates with your eagerness to have their adorable photos taken nicely, without all the chasing. Now here’s the catch: if you’ve ever got the chance to take a shot of your cat’s well-timed tongue-out face, or your puppy’s leap on a hula hoop, then you could join this contest and even win a prize.


Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017 is now open for entries of funny pet pictures, of any animal showcasing hilarious faces or moves caught in camera. The contest rules are just simple, but then restrictions are made for the animals’ safety. Animals, especially dogs, shouldn’t be in costumes because they naturally aren’t used to wearing those. And besides, they could be funny even without props. Each owner could enter 4 photos of their pets across all categories. The categories for this year’s pet photo contest are:


Anyone could enter this category, with a total of 4 submissions. Rules stated above should be followed.


In this category, the photographer should be under 15 years old by January 1, 2017. This category aims to make children realize animals’ importance, and by that, they could learn how to earn their trust through photography and interaction.


No kidding, but this category needs you to be older than 70 years old by January 1, 2017 to be able to enter. Photographers on this age bracket must have had a lot of experiences on pets, photography, or maybe both already.

Pets who look like their owners

Wouldn’t you be happy if you look like a cute, little poodle with your golden locks? If you do look like (or your friends say so), then you could enter this category. It’s not just about getting similar features, but resemblances also count.

Gone to the dogs

They’re probably the most loved pets, so here goes a separate category for them.

The judges include Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE, a wildlife photographer and an animal lover and Tom Sullan, a photographer and pet owner, who both started the Comedy Pet Photography Awards. Also in the panel are Kate Humble, Adam Scorey, Emma Milne, and Simon Pollock. Now, for the contest prizes, the overall winner would take home £2,000 or approximately PHP 124,000. Other prizes include a trophy from the Wonder Workshop, an Urban Approach 5 camera bag from Think Tank, and a  £100 gift voucher from WEX Photographic.

Closing date of entries is on May 31, 2017. Joining this pet photo contest is also free. You could visit their website to know more.