International Photo Contest IPA now open for entries

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    Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

    If you’re a photographer and you’ve been doing awesome photoshoots for the past 4 years, I believe that you just don’t want clients to come to you– you would surely go for a recognition and genuine appreciation at this point of time. Why not join a photo contest?

    A lot of photo contests are being held locally and internationally, but of course, you’ll have to go through screenings and you’ll meet a lot of competitors, who are equally superb in their fields, just as how International Photography Awards Philippines runs today.

    In case you missed it, the photo contest IPA Philippines, which was launched last year through its founder Hossein Farmani and co-founders Cat Jimenez and Ruston Banal, is the local leg of the renowned international photography awards that honors top photographers and pillars from across the world. From last year, three winners were selected to represent the country in the prestigious Lucie Awards. Paul Resurreccion was chosen as Photographer of the Year, Allan Qua Borebor as Best New Talent and Karlos Manlupig as Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year.

    To this date, they are now accepting entries for the local competition. The chosen winners would become finalists to the main international photography awards at the 14th annual Lucie Awards at New York City and would also get cash prizes. So, for all photography enthusiasts out there who would like to have their break already, grab this chance, point and shoot for the gold.

    Visit this page to know the mechanics.

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