Instant Cameras: The Future of the Past

    impossible project camera, instant camera
    The Impossible Project Cam

    By Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

    Isn’t it amazing how, in one click, a photo that you took reaches out to the social media world in a matter of seconds? In this age of tech-savvy millennials, Instagram and Snapchat are widely used, capturing the most precious moments, such as a selfie on your graduation day or a photo of the first stamp on your passport and even the simplest of things, such as your meal today or your OOTD (outfit of the day). You could take multiple shots of a breathtaking landscape, making sure that you’ve got the right angle and lighting, review them, choose the perfect shot, and then delete the unnecessary photos all at once.

    But, have you ever considered instant photos? Here are the mechanics: Peep though the viewfinder, point at your subject, click the shutter button, wait for the film to pop out of the camera. And there! In a matter of seconds, a memory is in your hands. Instant cameras would surely give you a nostalgic feeling with the white-framed, credit-card sized photos, with a border wherein you could scribble down notes or short but sweet messages.

    Compared with phone cameras and DSLRs, instant cameras have minimal controls, including self-timer, making it easy to use. Some models even have automatic exposure and aperture settings and the selfie mode, making it convenient for you to snap for a self photo. But the challenge is this: instant cameras don’t have screens for you to view your photos or the one you’re about to capture, you just have to look through the viewfinder.  It is like going back to the days when you had to go for the perfect shot because you don’t wanna waste camera films. You won’t be able to shoot a lot, but it’ll surely help you have a keen eye on those worthy shots and candid selfies. Another thing is that films for instant cameras are kind of costly, but the physical photo that you’d get to share to a friend or keep in a photo album is surely worth the price.

    instax camera, fujifilm instax camera
    Fujifilm Instax

    Fujifilm Instant Cameras are widely used even before the rise of the digital age, and now, they have brought it back. Brands like Polaroid and the Impossible Project have their cameras, too, with a variety of color, sizes and features. Most full-color prints come in 2×3 inch to 2.4×1.8 inch photo papers. Most shutterbugs find instant photography as an expensive hobby, but the photos that you’d get would be perfect for keeps. Even some consider buying this kind of camera just for fun and adventure. This film-based, instant-print camera is real old-school, but if you’re up for the challenge, this one’s for you.