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Taking a week-long vacation surely ends up to one thing: an annoying flooding of group photos and a couple of landscape shots. Not everyone may be interested in your blow-by-blow whereabouts as you post every angle of your location on Instagram. So, the photo-sharing app gives you a solution: the Facebook-like photo and video album feature.

Instagram’s Photo Album basically works just like how you post a single photo. But now, you could select up to 10 photos or videos from your gallery, and then arrange them by order. You could also edit them one by one, or apply the same filter for all 10. It will then be posted into a carousel (just like on Facebook, too) for a single caption and location tag. Tiny blue dots will appear below noting that it is a carousel of photos.



Before, only advertisers had the chance to use this feature, but it is now rolled out worldwide for public use. The rest of the 600 million users could now use the Instagram’s Photo Album feature. The question is, is it really necessary or will it only make your Instagram a messy one? For some, it means real struggle when choosing the best photo which sums up their adventure for the day. Some users maintain a feed which includes photos of the same pattern or filters which you could not just develop by choosing random photos. If you could not contain your excitement and joy because of a milestone and you just can’t post a single photo, then Instagram’s Photo Album feature could be your life saver.

For a social media influencer, this feature may be a blessing in disguise. If you are promoting a product through your Instagram, then this carousel could help you advertise the product in many different ways through multiple photos. The problem is, it’ll be harder for you to shoot for more creative multiple photos for a single subject. But then, it could be a way to earn to because you’d get to show more. Right?

But of course, people could surely and easily see the good in this new feature. New opportunities for content could be showcased in this feature, especially now that the number of users Instagram has continues to grow massively.


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