How to Improve on Being a Photographer Every Day


Mitzi Ilagan |

With the fast development of technology these days, photographers might find it difficult to to cope up with the changes. Here are tips on how you could improve in small steps every day:

  1. Never stop learning.

In the real world, even when you do not go to school and answer home works, you still need to study to be able to progress. Studying also works in photography. You could learn even without a teacher guiding you. You could use Google to ask what you would like to know and YouTube to watch what you want to learn about.

  1. Don’t rely on post-processing.

If you really love your work, then you wouldn’t alter it in exchange of likes and recognition. If you solely rely on softwares and editing tools, you would probably be too lazy to effort on getting the right angle or color because you could do it with your laptop.

  1. Don’t get jealous of those who have expensive gears.

You’ll get them too, someday. You’d just have to remember that not all gears could do the trick, it’s the photographer who does most of the magic. Sometimes, even an iPhone camera could do better than a Php29,000-DSLR.

  1. Use social media.

It’s free, so why not take advantage of it? Stalk (not in a suspicious way) your favorite photographers so that you could get inspiration from their works, but never plagiarize. You could also post your own works on photo-sharing networks like Instagram and then let constructive criticisms lead you to better photographs.

  1. Take photos every day.

Random photos sometimes lead to something more meaningful than well-angled shots. You need to practice in order for you to become used to taking photos. You could also get to realize at times that there are things that you could do, which you thought you couldn’t before.