How to Promote Your Wedding Photography Business on Facebook

By Ana Margarita Olar | |

You have a creative wedding photography team; you have an excellent set of camera and other paraphernalia. Now, what? You have to get busy on marketing your business over and over again. Leaflets, Tarpaulins, or Pin-ups, are all great but it only reach few customers. If you want to promote your business on a larger scale and spread the word? Try using Facebook.

Believe it or not, Facebook is now an important tool in promoting any business. Here are some tips to try on promoting your wedding photography business on Facebook.

Put links to your Facebook Page and Posts.

At one time, Facebook allows posting a status or image to your business page and eventually most of your followers would see it. But now, there are some changes on Facebook restrictions but there are ways to work on it such as: tagging your clients, and sharing business ads to your personal page. It’s your business so you have to invest your marketing. This will make your page reach more potential clients.

Here are other tips on how to reach more clients using Facebook:

  • Use a blog post to invite visitors to join your Facebook fan page.
  • Put a big ‘Follow’ button in the sidebar of your blog.
  • Put a Fan Page ‘Like’ box widget on your blog – and make sure you set it to show images as well as counts.
  • Include your link in your various online profiles (Linked In, Google+ etc).
  • Put a link on your personal Facebook profile.

Resize your Photos to Fit Facebook Posts

Photos are the most commonly shared post on Facebook. If you have wonderful photos on your page, it only takes one click to share it. But be sure to post the right size and resolution when you are uploading your pictures. Always keep an eye on Facebook updates because it is always changing its layout and image sizes.

Control your posts

At some point using Facebook may feel like a restricted area that you cannot change the design or layout the photos you are posting. You can try uploading your photos on free photo editing sites like Pizap before uploading it on Facebook. Another is you can hide and star the photos that you post. Hiding the post means will just hide the pictures without deleting it. Starring a photo will help you feature it more prominently when a potential client visits the page.


Engage and talk to your fans

Once a Facebook page has been created, most business owners busy themselves on selling their products or promoting services. The stream of your followers will slowly subside to this common mistake. Having no interaction with your followers will cause them to get bored and not visit or share your page anymore. Post a status addressing your fans. It may be a photo tip and tricks, or questions on how you can improve your page. You will be surprised by their response.

If you have a great wedding photography business and your clients are satisfied with your work, then it’s worth marketing on Facebook. Don’t be satisfied with just setting up your business page or with a few fans liking your page. Think of things to attract more potential clients. Ask questions that will interest your readers such as what motif they would want for a wedding, or what are their cool ideas for a prenuptial photo shoot. Post fresh ideas that your fan would want to share with their friends. You are targeting people to share your page and reach out to more clients. So you must post things that are worth sharing.