How to Make Black and White Photography Standout in a Full-Color World

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

Back to the days when cameras were as big as desktop computers, photographers had no choice but to go for black and white photography, because they were the ones available. But today, in the modernized world, even filters have already been invented to create different effects on colored photos.

Even with this breakthrough, some still considers black and white photography. Viewers may argue that this kind of photos distorts the reality of what you’ve captured, but enthusiasts say that it’s how you interpret what you see. For some, they see it as change. Because most photographers and enthusiasts use their Instagram as portfolio, they set themes, moods or color palettes for their pictures, and black and white is one of it.

black and white photographySo, if you choose black and white photography, there are things you need to consider to get the perfect shot. It is always important to remember that shooting in raw format is the most appropriate for black and white photography. Sometimes, when a filter has been used beforehand, settings do not match the light or the totality of your subject. What you need to do it shoot in raw, process it, adjust the settings and if it doesn’t look the way you expected it, you could always reset it. Also, lighting is a vital element when shooting in BNW. The shadows and direction of the light could even create a three-dimensional look on your subject because it adds depth. You could also emphasize a dramatic interpretation of your subject through playing with the tonal contrast or the difference between highlight (light colors) and dark tones (dark color). When it comes to negative spaces, black and white is suitable for them because they are mostly highlighted in this mode. Choosing the right software or application that you are familiar of and with diverse features is also essential so as to result in a good BNW photo.

One of the most interesting things to shoot for BNW is portrait. You may opt for close-up photos, giving more emphasis on the emotion of your subject. Architecture is great in BNW, too. Because of the textures and patterns, it won’t be a difficult task in editing those. Anything else could be your subject, and with the right control of contrast, shadows, highlights and the like, it would turn out to be a meaningful BNW photo.

When you get used to getting your photos done in BNW, color no longer distracts you. Color sometimes could overshadow a photo’s vital elements. Light becomes the most important aspect when you point and shoot, and you always the importance of contrast of your subject behind the lens. It may be uneasy for you to have a series of BNW photos taken, but with practice and experience, your vision will get used to seeing the world in monochrome.

Sometimes, if a picture’s got a lot of colors in it, with multiple patterns or subjects, it could be distracting. A little tweak could do because some photos are made to be viewed in color rather than in BNW. But in this vivid world of colorful photography, black and white could be a refreshing change. Step up your Instagram gaming or your photography portfolio by creating timeless-looking and classic-feeling photo.

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