Drone Falls on a Woman’s Head


    Rod Gabriel | Fotograpiya.com

    BELOEIL, QUEBEC. A DJI Phantom 3 camera drone dropped out of the sky and directly hit a woman on the head at a public event. Another drone caught the incident on video.

    Stephanie Creignou suffered serious injuries from the 2.7 pound drone and plans to sue the drone’s operator. Upon impact Creignou collapsed in the arms of her friend and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was diagnosed with whiplash.

    She was unable to return to work, and was forced to cancel a planned vacation with her family. Rosaire Turcotte, the drone operator, apologized and said he has no idea how he lost control of the drone.

    Turcotte added that everything was completely going well when he lost control of the drone and was practicing within the rules of flying drones.

    The incident is currently under investigation, and is said to be the very first accident ever recorded involving a drone.


    The footage was captured by VTOL-X Drones, another drone operator. The event organizers hired them to capture what is going on when the incident happened.

    The faulty drone’s operator was said to be flying without proper permits and was flying very closely to where people were gathering. The crash happened just before the man was questioned about the drone’s close presence to the event venue.

    There will always be people who would always buy drones as toys, which is not their purpose. Drones can be misused and can cause serious injuries and even death to innocent bystanders.

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