Mitzi Ilagan |

Gone are the days when people post photos of mysterious UFOs hovering in the skies. Today, when one sees a drone, he might even wave his hand at it.

If you’re a travel blogger, a pilot, or just someone who owns one, here are the general rules that you need to remember before being able to use it:



  • Register your equipment to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) before using it. A fine between Php 300,000 to 500,000 would be charged to the violators.
  • Register at the Flight Standard Inspectorate Service of the CAAP if you’re the operator (especially for photographers and media) to be able to get the license to operate.
  • Know where you could use your drone and the no-fly zones based on the regulations set by your local agencies.
  • Fly only during good weather conditions
  • Keep an eye on your drone and its path
  • Choose a drone according to your knowledge in using it (a pre-built route is recommended for beginners because it is easier to use)



  • Fly within 10 km radius of an airport, near or over busy streets, and government building for safety and privacy reasons.
  • Fly higher than 400 ft. (122 meters)
  • Take videos or photos of people or private properties without their permission
  • Fly within 30 meters of a person who is not associated with operation of the drone