How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Photography Business

Photography Business

In the era, where we search Google, Bing, etc. to find answers to all our needs like the nearest restaurant, best boutique, tourist destinations, best florist, etc. Having a digital marketing strategy to increase one’s business visibility on these search engines have become very important. Photography business holds no exception. The most difficult challenge faced by photographers is to get their work noticed.

The internet has become very crowded as far as photography work is concerned. No matter how good you are with your camera, there are still chances that work might go unnoticed among such chaos. So, how to get that attention?

The answer to this question is through ‘digital marketing.’ No matter whether you are an outdoor photographer or an indoor one, the aim is to attract more and more people to visit your business website. One of the major advantages you get from these visits is that it will give a chance to the visitors to look at your work exclusively. This will give them a clear understanding of your work, experience in photography, projects you have completed, etc. As a result, you would be able to generate more leads for your photography business.

Simple marketing strategies for your photography business

Connect with your friends and acquaintances

Every person or business would need photography service at some point or occasion. This occasion can be a wedding ceremony, baby shower event, official event, business portrait, etc. Hence, the very first group where you should look for a potential client is your own family, friends, and other acquaintances. If you are an outdoor photographer, make them aware of your business. Tell them what all services you may provide to them. The biggest advantage you would have here is trust.

These people know you well, hence you will always get a beneficial edge over your competitors. One of the easiest ways to reach the entire group in one go is via email. Just create a mailing list of people belonging to your personal network and send them details of your photography business. Show them your best work and make them realize that how you can help cover their events. Just remember, your friends and family members are your strongest assets. Don’t forget to ask for referrals.

Working with your local community

Another easy and potential client category is your own local community. These are people who might know you since your childhood. However, they may not be aware of what’s your business and how good you are at it. You need to work out a marketing strategy to reach your local community and show them your talent. Your neighbourhood can provide you a regular job. A very common mistake done by various businessmen is that they take their local community for granted. Your ignorance may turn into an advantage for your competitor. Hence, focussing on local marketing is very important.

Collaborating with other companies in your local market

How many businesses we come across on our day to day basis. These include your bank, local grocery shop, local restaurants, etc. All these businesses can be your potential clients. However, some time, we just overlook these opportunities. You just need to talk to them about your photography business. Tell them about your services, if you have covered any local even, give its reference. If possible, give them your brochure.

There are businesses where there is a separate department who handles outdoor events. If you an outdoor photographer, it important that you locate the right person and talk to him. Here also, local SEO or local digital marketing strategy would play a very crucial role. No matter how much you convey to them about your business, there are high chances that they would refer the internet search engines to get feedback about your business. Hence having visibility at these search engines is very important.  

Reward Referrals

For your photography business, getting referrals is very important. Each and every referral can be an excellent opportunity for your business. Chances of conversion are quite high. Hence you should work out a marketing strategy to attract these referrals. An easy way to do is rewarding referrals by diving them offers and discounts. Once you complete a project, you may give an offer card. Any person who books a shoot with that card would be eligible for a special discount or offer.

This strategy would help you in increasing your client base that too, without spending any heavy amount on marketing. Another way of getting more referrals is bypassing your website links to your existing customers. The link should directly bring referrals clients on the web page where they can check the ongoing offers and discounts. Focussing on getting new clients is very important, but so are your existing clients. You can give special discounts to your customers who refer your services to other people.

Host a photography show in your city

Another way of reaching your potential customers or attracting them is by displaying your pictures at local shops. Display your best pictures in this show. For this, you may contact local stores who sell products related to your work and display your photographs there. These stores can be baby shops, most popular wedding store in your city, etc. The best advantage of showing your work at such stores is that you would be in direct contact with your target audience. If you are an outdoor photographer and covering wedding events is your specialty, then what could be a better place than a wedding store to display your work.


You might be a very talented photographer still you may be losing your business to your competitors. If this is the case, its time you start focussing on digital marketing strategies to promote your business. You can always start by promoting your photography business at the local level. Above mentioned strategies can be very helpful in attracting more clients and run a successful business.