Wedding Photography: Couple Going Extremes

via Huffingtonpost

couple going extreme 2They say that the beginning of your biggest adventure is after marriage. But couple Christine Suloski
and her soon-to-be husband Kevin Coleman started their adventure before saying I do. The couple decided to take their wedding photos while hanging on a cliff.

couple going extreme 3Photographer Jay Philbrick encouraged the couple to take the leap of faith to have the perfect wedding photo. Philbrick added that they lowered the couple 30ft on a 350ft cliff. The team first lowered the bride and groom to the ledge of the cliff with a rope securing them to one another. The couple are lowered using a hidden anchor on the ledge. From different angles and position (top view, side view, or front view), Philbrick would take pictures of hanging on the cliff or at the edge of the cliff. Talk about extremes!

Philbrick’s fascination on extreme photography started when he worked as a mountain guide. This provided him knowledge (naming few) on risk management, rope work and avalanche hazards.

The extreme photographer said that his style pf photography is fun and has their own challenges. Photoshoot does not come off without something worth waiting.