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These past few years, more and more social media users have become bloggers in their own styles. Some are into food and travel while others are into fashion or gadgets. There has been no written rules of becoming a blogger, so a person who “blogs” easily becomes one. Aside from their skill in writing and the way they present their works, the photos speak for most of their blog posts.

If you’re a travel blogger and you’re planning to go for a week-long adventure to a remote island, how would you know if the camera that you’re gonna bring is the perfect gadget for that travel?

Weight and size

These are important factors that you should consider, especially if the conditions of your travel aren’t definite. A DSLR could always be your travel companion because of its full features. But then, it could be bulky and risky especially if your travel includes activities such as swimming, hiking, or ATV ride. A compact camera would do, or even an action camera attached to your headgear or body gear. Your smartphone could also do, especially now that most phones have dual lenses already (iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9).


If you’re not into extreme activities, we’re sure that you’re going for a travel camera that has all of the features that you’ll be needing. The answer is a DSLR. It could do landscape, macro, portrait, night photography, and even for sports. What’s in today also are compact and mirrorless camera that does the job of a DSLR, without the weight. Also, if you’re just going to a scenic place and you’re all about the aesthetics, a handy instant camera would be perfect for selfies.


Today, some people choose to buy mirrorless cameras over DLSRs because they almost have the same price and features. Mirrorless cameras are lighter and are easier to carry around. Also, action cameras do well especially for travel videos in extreme activities. GoPro’s action cameras come in protective cases and mounts for different purposes.

Chuckie Dreyfus, a Pinoy travel blogger, uses a compact camera (Nikon 1 J5) on his travels. It is a compact mirrorless camera which shoots 20.8MP photos and 1080/60p videos. It has features such as time lapse, slow-motion sequences, and creative modes such as tilt shift and HDR which are perfect for his travel portfolio.

travel camera
Nikon 1 J5

Photos could make or break an adventure, so make sure that you choose the right travel camera for your needs to be able to come up with a flawless blog or video.

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