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visual content marketing

Visual Content Marketing: Why Is It Important?

Fotograpiya.com | They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That which words can describe using endless paragraphs, metaphors, and sayings; can be...
Studio Portraits

The Whys and Hows of Business Studio Portraits in the Era of Selfies

Fotograpiya.com | The Whys and Hows of Business Studio Portraits in the Era of Selfies | Mobile phones are now more widely used for...
Lightroom for Portraits

Getting the most out of Lightroom for Portraits

Have you ever wanted to up your game when it comes to creating great portraits, but thought you need to be a Photoshop guru...
Kids Into Willing Models

How To Turn Your Kids Into Willing Models

Kids can be adorable, innocent, and candid. When photographing kids, however, you may never know how the situation will turn out. It is common...
Unusual places to take your partner on the first date

Unusual places to take your partner on the first date

Fotograpiya.com |Having a fun-filled and stellar first date is probably the most important thing you need to focus on while getting started on a...

Places to go for Food and Drinks in Europe

Some people fascinate about historical places while for others picturesque scenery and nature’s bounty make an ideal travel destination. Then there are the food...
Logo Design

5 Best Logo Design Apps for Android

No matter what business you are into, you need to make sure that your business has a logo design, in fact, a professional logo...

Basic Tips for Food Flat Lay Photography

Spending often visits on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram (IG), you probably encountered a thing about flat lay. Laying flat the Flat Lay Idea A...

How to Improve on Being a Photographer Every Day

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com With the fast development of technology these days, photographers might find it difficult to to cope up with the changes. Here...

Know the Differences Between RAW and JPEG

Mitzi Blossoms Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com We all have heard about these two words in relation to cameras and photography. JPEG, presumably, is more familiar especially...

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