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queen elizabeth prize

Meet the Men Who Made Selfies Possible

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com Whoever thought about this genius phenomenon must have not foreseen its importance today. Well, mainly because its purpose was not just...
iphone 7 plus

Best Camera Phones Available in the PH

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com Isn't it 2017 already? People are expecting to have half of their lives dependent on an all-in-one handheld device invented in...
Polaroid Pop

Polaroid Pop Brings Back the Classic Instant Prints

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com Polaroid's back at it again. During the Consumer Electronics Show® (CES) 2017, Polaroid announced their newest camera which prints out the...
photography mistakes

Photography Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com When you think that you have prepared what you need, you have reviewed everything  you need to know, and you have...

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