Camera Hacks to Take Pictures like a Pro

Camera Hacks to Take Pictures like a Pro

by: Angeli Robles, |


1. Use Sandwich bag to create haze effect


Do you want to achieve that mesmerizing haze effect on your photo but you don’t know how? Then get a piece of sandwich bag, wrap it around your camera lens, cut its end and start taking your photos with its new twist.

2. Vaseline can give you a Vintage Look

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A bit of Vaseline in front of your lens can give you an older look. This trick can give the vintage look that you want without the help of a time machine. However don’t go spreading the stuff on your lens right away, make sure to use a cheap filter fitted to your camera for protection.

3. Use an Empty Milk Carton to Diffuse Flash


Have you ever notice the sharp effect of light when you use the flash of your camera? And have you ever think of a way to solve it?
Using an empty milk carton you can solve your problem with spending too much.

4. DIY Bokeh Photos


“Bokeh” refers to the visual quality of the blur in the out of focus parts of a photograph.
This one is as simple as cutting shapes you want to use to form the blur to your liking.

5. Use a Business Card to Bounce Flash

filter                party-bouncer-setup

This one is a very simple hack for a common problem. It’s not something that will look professional but when you’re in a pinch a single business card can make you off the hook.

6. Make an easy Lens Hood


Create your own lens hood to have deeper colours and richer saturation.

7. DIY Snoot


Use the can of your favourite junk food to help you concentrate your light in a specific area.

8. DIY Rain Guard


Those tiny little rain drop looks good but your camera in not a friend of water. What to do? Try to use your old CD case to resolve your problem.