Boudoir Manila: A Fusion of Beauty, Elegance and Photography

boudoir manila

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-a term which refers to a woman’s private bedchamber or dressing room;

-a space of solitude in observance of a woman’s beauty rituals and pleasures

This term isn’t much used in a conservative country such as the Philippines, must unknown to many, it is depicted in most magazines and photoshoots, usually for men. Today, its essence is not being given much appreciation because of people’s unpleasant intentions and purposes. But AJ Jose of Boudoir Manila would surely make you see the real thing behind what the naked eye could see.

Also known as Glamour/Nude/Figure Photography, boudoir photography surely shows varying moods and styles, from just something fun, low-key and dramatic black and whites to something too attractive and provocative. Being the outcome her thesis study, Boudoir Manila is a project pursued to let the people learn more about boudoir. They seek to enlighten the people on their concepts of this art, making them experience the world of beauty and glamour through this kind of photography.

The project’s founder, AJ Jose, is currently a Multi-Media Arts student in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. From a Biology course, she has shifted to something she’s interested in, something which she does best. AJ does food photography and product shots, but she has been focusing more on photography for this course, specifically for Glamour Photography, which was inspired from her liking for anything vintage–movies, drawings, photoshoots and even celebrities. She wanted to make a version of her own, and that’s what she does today.

But in a culture like ours, this kind of photography isn’t much accepted to everybody, especially that some know less about it, take it for granted or even use it in a wrong way. For someone who’s not yet in a professional status, AJ faces challenges which get in the way to her plans of making this kind of photography be known and appreciated more in the business. Getting models who are willing to pose for boudoir are not that easy to find because some set limitations for what they are eager to do, so, it is mostly her friends and colleagues who have seen her works are the ones who approve of modeling for boudoir photography. Moreover, it is convincing people that boudoir is an art is what really pushes her to prove to them that it has a purpose, that it represents luxury and class. Some may say it’s just all bout profanity, indecency and maliciousness, but through her works, she tries to tell everyone that BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART.

At Hoopla!, the MMA exhibit recently held (which she led) at DLS-CSB, AJ presented her works through “Vintage Bombshell”, a 2017 calendar featuring 12 different models who wore modern mixed with vintage-themed outfits who posed depending on the theme of the month.

boudoir manila

boudoir manila

boudoir manila

boudoir manila

If you’re one who’s interested to do what she has been doing, you just have to make sure that you’ll preserve the pureness of this art. It may be considered a sensitive one, due to its nature, but with proper knowledge, interpretation and explanation to your works, you’ll surely let your art be known. Let girl power rule over minds who think not-so-nicely about boudoir photography.

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