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Photography nowadays is starting to become a common business,mainly because most people could now afford digital cameras and its accessories. It is both a worthwhile activity and a challenging job, and if you’re really good at it, given that you are using the right equipment, you would be successful. You could go for a photography business that offers portrait shots, events coverage, gallery shoot studio or even a freelance photographer as a media partner. Planning accordingly is a must, and of course, getting the right equipment must be a priority. Here are the things that you should have to start your photography business:



This would probably be the most important equipment for your photography business, right? There are various kinds of cameras, but a digital SLR would be the perfect choice for your business. Read reviews over the Internet so you could choose the best brand and unit for your niche. Also, you may have to use only one brand of different models so that you may not have a hard time configuring the settings and getting to know the camera, and also to have consistent outputs for your shots.


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If your camera allows you to change your lens, you should take advantage of that. You could buy lenses of different kinds so you could explore on the different outputs and techniques for your photography. You may choose to buy zoom lenses so that distant subjects may have enough focus, wide-angle lenses for landscape photography, mid-range lenses for group photos and events and special lenses such as fisheye and night-vision for unique shots. You would probably need more than one camera and lens to be able to get more perspectives of your shots.


Either you’re out on the field or inside your photo studio, the light is one thing that you could not merely control. It is important to have lighting equipments so that your photos could look professional. If you’re out on an outdoor photo shoot, reflectors and strobe flash could help. If you are working inside a studio, a remote-firing flash or a stationary lighting system is what you will need. And if you already have the necessary lighting equipments, you should know how to use them well because lighting could make or break a photo.


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Tripods are essential to keep your cameras from shaking. It is mostly needed in portrait photography because you have to keep your camera steady as you make adjustments and as you click the shutter. It comes in different sizes and lengths so might as well choose one which you could use for your kind of photography and what is affordable.

Editing Software

Your shots may look good, but having a photo editor could make it look good better. Adobe Photoshop could be used, but Lightroom is a more functional editor for photography businesses since Photoshop’s features are more of a graphic artist’s needs. Also, Lightroom is a less expensive choice. If you are not familiar with the editor, video tutorials are widely available online.

External Hard Drive

This is probably a lifesaver for every photographer, whether you’re doing a start-up ore you’re into the business for 5 years now. Backups are important so that you won’t get to lose everything that you’ve worked hard for. Flash drives won’t do because as we know, raw files from photo shoots are of large sizes, so hard drives are really needed.

Marketing tools

If you are a month away from starting your photography business, it is not enough that you have expensive gadgets and equipment for the business. People would know about it. Facebook could be a good (and free of charge) start to tell the people that you are doing your events coverage business. Have your friends know and share your page. If you could afford it, you could make a website so that you could showcase your portfolio. It is better to have your own website without a free domain so that it may not seem like you’re a newbie in the business. Also, you should have your business cards which you should bring all the time so that when you meet interested clients at unexpected moments, they’d get to have your contact information and details.

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