Awesome Photography Tips You Need to Know

By: Ana Margarita A. Olar|

Are you a photography newbie? Have you been experimenting with a newly bought DSLR camera? Or are you just enjoying your phone camera? There are a lot to know about photography and here are some awesome basic tips:

1. Use the light for your advantage.

When you are shooting a picture, be aware of the light sources and see how it will affect the image that you capture.

• The broader the light source, the softer the light and the narrower the light source, the harder the light. So if you want that perfect portrait picture, shoot with the camera near a large bright window or door that is not hit by direct sunlight.

• Diffusion scatters light, resulting to softer, and broader light source. Use a white fabric to diffuse light such as when shooting under direct sunlight.

• The closer the light source, the softer the light. So when taking a picture of people indoors, position them closer to the available light.

2. Check your camera settings.

Check that your settings compatible with the environment and with the scene that you would like to capture. Is it dark, under the sun, or do you need a panoramic view? It is wise to check the settings before you left home to make sure that your camera is ready for that perfect shot. pexels-photo-14244

3. Move the camera closer to you and move closer to the subject.

You need to stay still and have a firm hold to the camera whenever you take pictures. And to achieve that stability you need to be as close to the camera as possible. Also the closer your eyes to the camera, the better you can see the image that you are about to take. Another thing is ditching the zoom. Although zooming lens is unquestionably helpful, why not try to get as closer to the subject as possible if you have a chance? That way you’ll have a finer and better image as well.

4. Look the subject in the eye.

When taking pictures, place the camera along the eye level of your subject, so you may need to bend down when you are taking a kid’s photograph. In this way, you will capture more of the subject’s emotions, by the look in their eyes.

5. Your subject doesn’t always have to be in the middle of the picture.

Try to move your camera sideways to have a better background and angle for your subject. Don’t be too rigid and don’t be afraid to experiment on different angles.

These are some basic photography tips and the important thing that you must do is to practice every now and then, master the features of your camera to capture that perfect shot.