5 Scenic Asian Destinations Perfect for Travel Photography

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Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

It is not only in Europe or in US can you find beautiful sceneries that’s worth a thousand shutter clicks, because Asia also boasts many photogenic spots that you couldn’t find anywhere in the world.

Palawan (Philippines)

Whether it’s an under-the-sea photo with a starfish or a panorama of the clear blue waters of one of Palawan’s islands, all these you could find in Palawan. It never fails to top local and international polls and award-giving bodies’ lists of being the Most Beautiful Islands in the world. Unique wildlife, lush forests, long stretches of white sand beaches, underground rivers, jaw-dropping caves are what you should expect if you’re going for a shoot in Palawan.

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Photo credits: instagram.com/davidguison

Cambodia is almost synonymous to monk and temples, or maybe the Angkor Wat. In this place, you’ll probably never run out of ideas and angles when shooting the sceneries, especially during sunset or sunrise, where its beauty magnifies. Also, there are tours which offers flexible time for an Angkor Experience to avoid the crowd and catch the duration of best natural light.

Central Tokyo (Japan)
Famous for its cherry blossoms, Japan is one of the best place to do travel photography because of both its people and its landscapes. Here, you could choose from various subjects such as festivals, castles, gardens, parks, cityscapes, food, shrines and temples.

With towering skyscrapers and busy intersections, Malaysia is surely one of your dream destinations, especially for photo walks. You should not miss capturing the Petronas Towers, Kota Kinabalu, Malacca City, Taman Negara and Pulau Tioman (which has the same beauty as Sabah).

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Burj Al Arab Beach, with the view of Burj Al Arab (world’s fourth tallest hotel); Burj Khalifa, tallest man-made structure in the world; Dubai Museum, a desert fort and architectural wonder; and Jumeirah Beach, a man-made archipelago in Palm Islands are just some of Dubai’s tourist spots which could do as subjects for your travel photography. This futuristic place, especially Dubai, is a hub of culture and leisure where you could spot Instagram-worthy angles from its islands, city-sized malls, grand mosques and iconic skyscrapers.

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