A Photographer’s Christmas Wishlist

photographer wishlist

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

Being a photographer is not a low-cost hobby or profession, right? And when Christmas comes, a photographer’s list surely floods up with expensive accessories, from the most basic to the most relevant and essential tools. Whatever kind of photos you take, here are 8 things that are surely on a photographer’s Christmas wishlist today:

1. ProTactic 350 AW Backpack

Lowerpro Protactic 350 AW

Backpacks for photographers, adventure travelers, drone pilots and everyone looking to protect their devices and carry them in comfort. Photographers treat their cameras and gears just like their babies, so might as well give them something to protect those. Lowerpro Protactic 350 AW is the perfect urban-inspired backpack which has four access points. It also has a MaxFit System which includes padded dividers to easily fit your gears without them being scratched or dented.

2. Portable External Hard Drive

When you’re a photographer, losing your works may be the worst that could ever happen. That is why, backups are surely needed.

3. Camera Strap

Leather strap from Leather Manila

Just like smartphones, your cameras need some lovin’, too. A personalized leather strap from Leather Manila would be perfect to show off to another photo shoot. Not only it is durable but also unique, as it will stand out among other basic camera straps.

4. Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug from Pinkshoppe
Camera Lens Mug from Pinkshop Shopee

With its realistic details, one may surely mistake this for real lens. You just have to make sure that when you’re with someone else, inform them that they’re your mug! They’re available at department stores, or check out UniQubePH’s page.

5. Mini camera flash drive

These mini camera-like flash drives could either be used to save files or your portfolio whenever someone needs them. This one’s also great to give when you’re a photographer who gives out their files to a client after a photo shoot.

6. Lens Pen

Nikon Lens Pen

Your t-shirt doesn’t work the same way as this one. Proper care of your things must also include proper accessories and tools. This lens pen has two sides, one for removing dust and fingerprints on your lens, and the other one’s for removing surface dust.

blower not effective-lens pen one side is brush, Brush on opposite side of cleaning tip for removing surface dust.

7. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens

Made for advanced amateurs and professional photographers, this lens made by Canon is useful when trying to get closer to the subject in small spaces with the closest focusing distance of 1.2 meters. It is also moisture-resistant and has an optical image stabilizer, making it part of any photographer’s wishlist.

8. Polarizing Filter

Nikon Polarizing Filter

Sometimes, post-processing takes more time and effort when you’re a photographer and you’re not an expert in Photoshop or Lightroom at the same time. A polarizing filter is what you need, an accessory which reduces reflections and can be used to increase saturation, making the image more vivid. If you’re more of an outdoor or nature photography, this one, if you’re a Nikon user, perfect for you.

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