8 Tips to Make Your Picture Instagram-Worthy

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Fotograpiya.com

Instagram and other social media now serve as people’s digital photo album. But, unlike the photo album that you can keep for yourself, posting your pictures on your social media account is a public feast. But, is your picture really great to feast on? Here are some tips to make your shot Instagram-worthy:

  1. Don’t use the Instagram app to take the picture.

The app doesn’t have the essential features of a camera that can help you have a perfect picture. Instead, use other apps such as Rookie that have useful advanced features such as shutter speed and camera exposure. Or use your very own digital camera and then upload the photo on Instagram.instagram (2)

  1. Take advantage of natural lighting.

If possible, take a photo in sunlight because it yields clearer picture than artificial light. If taking a picture indoors, make sure that it has lots of windows.

  1. Know when or when not to apply the rule of thirds.

Yes, you should pay attention to symmetry but often times it’s the asymmetry that gives energy to the picture. Don’t just take the picture with your subject in the middle. You can try the rule of thirds where you create an imaginary three horizontal lines and three vertical lines and put the subject along the intersections. You can also break the rule of thirds and put the subject slightly near the edge of the frame. You can do both techniques and compare which image is the best.

  1. Experiment with the angles and directions of the camera.

As said earlier, the subject should not be always located at the center of the picture. Play with the angle and the direction which you point the camera.

  1. Try the panoramic trick.

Get a help of the friend and be quick to run around and pose. Select the panoramic mode in your camera and have a friend start on the far left of the frame while slowly panning it to the right. As soon as you are out of the frame, run around behind your friend and pose again to the right.

  1. The perfect jump shot.

For this fun filled shot, choose the burst mode on your camera and faster shutter speed. Also, you need to get low to take the photograph so that the jumpers appear higher.

  1. Take multiple pictures of the same subject.

This technique not only gives you an option of what to post on you Instagram account but also help you learn to see a thing in different ways.

  1. Ditch the selfies and try taking self-portraits.

Here’s the trick: this is a combination of an app Camera+ 30 second timer delay, taking the shot, and then running at a top speed to reach your mark.
With the social media just a click away, posting your everyday regimen is like a necessity to most people. But, keep in mind that you should always be cautious and think before posting your photos.