8 Things You Needed Inside Your Camera Bag

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Fotograpiya.com

Things don’t always go smoothly for a photo shoot, and during those rough times, save yourself from hassle and delays by having these items inside your camera bag:

inside camera bag 1

Extra batteries

You can’t tell how much and how long you have to shoot for a day, so carrying spare batteries in your camera bag will save you from the hassle of looking like an amateur once your battery runs off.

Spare SD/CF cards

Just like the batteries, SD/CF cards can get full or damaged as you shoot so you need lots of spares. You need to ensure that you’ll be able to shoot an ample amount of photos without worrying that your memory card is full.

Don’t be confident on single large memory cards because at times they can be slow to load, and you don’t want your memory card to be reformatted before you can transfer the photo to a backup memory.  So investing on smaller memory cards (8-16 gigs) is wiser, efficient, and safer.

Camera cable and spare cable

In situations where you need to transfer the photos to a PC screen, don’t just rely on card readers. You have to bring your camera cable in your camera bag so the PC will recognize your camera and you can readily transfer your photo.


If you are shooting outside for long periods of time, carrying a blower on your camera bag is very useful. You can use it to blow away dust particles on hard to reach areas of the camera, before wiping it clean with a lens cloth.

Microfiber cloth

Stash it in your camera bag because it’s great for wiping away nasty fingerprints, dust, dirt and other elements that can damage  your camera body and lens. A little dust or sand can permanently scratch and damage your lens. Remember, cleaning is one way of protecting your camera from damage and makes your camera life longer.

Mini tripod

Having a large tripod isn’t worth the hassle unless you really needed it. But there are times that you need to use a camera support so it is wise to carry one in your camera bag.


This tool is very handy for quick fix up of your camera, to fasten a loose gear, and when giving first aid during emergencies.

 Business Cards

A photo shoot is not just giving service to your client. It serves another purpose: to attract a potential client. Don’t ruin your opportunity by looking unprofessional and giving you contact info on a sheet of scratch paper.

Make sure that you have a business card that you can hand out a potential client.

It’s not just enough to have these necessities stashed inside your camera bag. Make sure that you pack efficiently and everything is organized so you will look like a pro, feel like a pro, think like a pro, and consequently, earn like a pro.