8 Best things to do in Melbourne


    Fotograpiya.com | 8 Best things to do in Melbourne | Australia never disappoints when it is about serving the tourists all across the globe with its attractions. Multiple cities have stunning structures. The landscapes are the definition of paradise on earth. The beaches, islands, and the shores, in the country, has its beauty beyond anyone’s imagination.  Of course, Australia has a plethora of paradise places, but Melbourne has something extraordinary. From one day tours to food and drink destinations, from daytime shopping to tempting nightlife, from walk and bike tours in the city to explore the neighboring provinces, Melbourne allows you get splendid surprises all along the way! Read this article to get a gist of the eight best things to do in Melbourne! 

    1. Discover Cricket at MCG Visit:

    Melbourne has multiple modernly stunning skyscrapers. However, the city is also rich in heritage, culture, and tradition. The city holds an impressive history in cricket, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the status symbol of the same. The stadium is an iconic example of human skills and sets the renowned National sports museum in its lap. The museum deems to get opened in the upcoming march with a renovated look and a more captivating vibe for tourists. You can pre-book the Melbourne Cricket Ground tour and see the hidden parts from the public with knowing cricket a bit more. 

    1. Walking Tour in the City of Melbourne:

    This tour means for those who have strong legs and firm steps! Walking tours are one of the most exciting things to do in Melbourne. A local guide will accompany you to visit 10-12 destinations within the Melbourne city, which will reveal the historical and cultural significance. You may come across the ancient constructions, stores, car showrooms, stores of motorcycle accessories Melbourne, cafes, bars, shopping places, markets, and many more. You might unfold the hidden facts about the city that you could babble around to the world because of walking down to the streets of Melbourne! This one-day excursion will add character to your overall trip experience.  

    1. Explore Phillip Island Extensively:

    You can pack Phillip Island, Brighton Beach, and Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary altogether in a single-day trip from Melbourne. You can be a part of a majestic natural presence in Brighton Beach, chill with the waters, swim into the sea, and magnify your eyes with what nature has. You can play and entertain yourself with penguins at Phillip Island. You can visit Kangaroos and Koalas and learn more about Australian wildlife conservation at the Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary. Experiencing nature with the hand is a charismatic moment that you will feel by this trip! This tour certainly brings the inside good out of you!

    1. Ferry Cruise Tour Experience in Melbourne:

    Well, the city sides the Yarra river, and it is you who can visit the reflecting city beauty in its waters by the ferry cruise voyage. While you will touch the waters on the ferry towards Williamstown from Melbourne, you can savor the coffee at the ship bars, or enjoy the greatest meal on the ferryboat. While enjoying this, you can calm your eyes with the exemplifying city views and spectacular side attractions on and nearby the river. You can go for a one-day or round trip at your convenience and explore the city by waters! 

    1. Street Art Tour is Highly Recommendable:

    One experience takes you out of the city on waters whereas, the counter one tells you to treat the streets of the city. Melbourne street art tours are not to miss an opportunity if you have one day in your hand to spend wisely. The street exhibits the pastel works, oil works, spray paintings, stencil arts, paste-ups, and many more by the artists who work for making Melbourne ranking ahead in the World street worklist. The guides will lead you to the best street artworks that won’t allow you to regret your spent penny even once. 

    1. See Victoria Market and the Great Library:

    The State Library of Victoria is striking the architecture and literary records since 1856. The library in Melbourne is a platform for many events that the local citizens make proud in front of the world! Each year 8 million tourists pounce the library premises with their love to explore Australian literature. In your leisure time in the afternoon, you can stroll in Queen Victoria Market and shop for some best deals. You can get wines at an affordable price, appetizing food options, and flea market stuff of your choice! 

    1. Itinerary tour to Great Ocean Road:

    At a little distance from Melbourne again, you can find the magnificent visions on the Great Ocean Road. The core attractions are the twelve apostles that the creator has placed to leave human awestruck and the appealing Gibson’s steps that are more dramatic than nature itself! During your tour to the Great Ocean Road, you can witness the most elegant natural landmark on this planet! Add Great Otway National Park, Port Campbell National Park, and Loch Ard Gorge to make your day more dazzling! 

    1. Drive to see the wineries and valleys in Melbourne:

    I am sure you must be aware of the four wonders in the Yarra Valley of Melbourne viz. Steels Gate Winery, Yering Farm, Domaine Chandon, and Balgownie Estate. While these four are undoubtedly the best wineries in the Victoria region, the wine you will get is, of course, the most elegant! You can go on a one-day tour and taste the wines, blend your own, have a tasteful brunch, or lunch, and get back to Melbourne city by late evening. You will be overwhelmed with the panoramic scenery of the vine villages nearby! 

    Concluding the best – Melbourne has a lot more to offer, keeping these eight destinations in priority. The cafes city has are worth exploring. The flea markets are worth to shop within. Overall, Melbourne does not let your holiday experience go to wane. No matter what you do, you can gain pleasure!