7 Tips for Taking a Great Portrait Photo

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The difference between amateur and professional portrait photo can be huge.To help you improve your portrait photography skills, we have gathered what we believe to be the 7 essential portrait photo tips and tricks. These tips and tricks come from our Master Artists vast experience and will improve your portrait shooting skills instantly.
Take a lot of shots

Nowadays in the world of digital photography, unlike traditional film photos, digital photos cost nothing. This means that you can shoot as many photos as you want from various angles, with different poses and expressions. You could take photos indoors, outdoors, sit in the park and shoot, change clothes and make-up and what not. Just keep shooting and use your creativity. This will give you the change to shortlist the best photos that bring out the true personality of your subject. Such photos make the perfect pastel portrait.

Shoot casual portraits

The best time to take a great portrait is those moments that capture a person’s true personality. If you are out and about with your family, actively be on the lookout for such moments when your children are carelessly enjoying the warmth of the sun. When you have a professional photographer session, try and take some shots when your husband is straightening his tie or when your wife is brushing her hair. Keep looking for that telling moment that captures a part of someone’s story.
Express something about the group
Even professional photographers find it hard to shoot a group portrait, and the more subjects there are, the harder it gets. It is hard enough to take a photo that captures the personality of one subject, and it gets extremely hard with larger groups. It is hard to get your whole family or your football team to pose for a single picture. Think about it – it is even hard to come up with a composition so everyone’s face is visible. In addition to that, everyone one must look good and not blink when you press the button. It takes patience and imagination. And taking a lot of shots. Try to engage with the whole group, get ideas from them, and express something important about the group. If you struggle to do that, don’t forget that we can combine subjects from multiple photos into a single group portrait.
Express relationships
Show emotion and closeness when taking a group portrait of family and friends. Encourage your subjects to act naturally, hug each other and hold their hands. Try and take such photos when there is natural light as this will enable faster shutter speeds to capture those unforgettable smiles as they happen. More often than not, asking someone to smile results in an unnatural effect.
Use a tripod
There is a multitude of advantages of using a tripod. We think the most important one is that using a tripod makes it possible for you to get your eyes away from the camera so can make eye contact with your subjects. Just think about it. Would you be more comfortable staring into the camera’s lens, or looking at the photographer? You can make funny faces to get children’s attention, make gestures to help your subjects and what not! Just try it.
Get on the ground
Taking photos of children is challenging. The view that grown-ups always have is of the top of children’s heads. To take a better shot of child, get on the ground and take photos from their level.
Use the flash on sunny days
It seems counterintuitive to use the flash when the sun is shining, but trust us, this is the best time to actually use your flash! The sun can create a variety of problems such as extreme shadows across faces and an unbalanced exposure. A simple way to instantly improve a sunny portrait is to use the flash of your camera to capture a more balanced exposure as the flash lights up your subject.
Any more?
Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any essential tips and tricks for taking the perfect portrait photo!