7 Things to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

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Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya.com

Being into the photography business would get you into different activities, especially if you’re the type who freelances and offers different kinds of photography services. Aside from your materials, tools, and equipment on your work table or studio, things may be different when you opt for a photo shoot service, especially when you do it outdoors.

  1. Extra equipment

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Every photographer sees this as a basic requirement, even when they’re not doing photo shoots. What you need are extra lens, SD card, flash drive, and batteries. If you’re using flash, bring them and don’t forget to charge them.

  1. Props

If you’re off for a themed photo shoot, make sure to bring the needed props or backdrops. If makeups are needed, you may opt to borrow or ask someone to bring them for you. In addition, you may just hire artists and suppliers for photography props.

  1. Lighting equipment

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Even when you’re outdoors, you might be needing artificial light because there will be environments or weather changes where you need to use them. Some photo studios also do not provide these. You may need to bring a flash kit, stands, and reflectors.

  1. Extra cloths

If the setting where you’re doing the photo shoot is an open space or a public area, you may need to improvise dressing rooms. Do this by having black cloths tied at corners or having them wear the cloth as they change outfits underneath.

  1. Tripod

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Some say they don’t really need one, but depending on what kind of photo shoot you are about to do, a trusty tripod would always be helpful especially if you do not have an assistant.

  1. Photography-related tools and equipment

These are the things that you need to bring which cannot be just seen, borrowed or bought anywhere. Bring extension cables, camera cables, cleaning kits, laptop, clamps and velcro straps for adhesion, and a spacious bag for all of these.

  1. Personal belongings

Of course, you’ll be needing an extra bag for your own personal things. You may bring extra clothes, food, water, IDs, permits, business cards, contracts, and other necessary things.