6 Tips on Looking for Stock Agencies to Sell Your Photos

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Fotograpiya.com

One of the ways to earn from photography is through selling your photos to stock agencies online.

Here are some tips when looking for stock agencies to sell your photos:

Research First

Stock agencies differ greatly in their area of specialization, and the quality of the image that they are looking for. Some focus on images about nature while others prefer lifestyle and glamour photography.

Research as many agencies as possible and narrow down your options on the ones that suit your specialization and style, but also take into considerations which ones you prefer to work with.

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Widen Your Network

As a photographer, you need not be confined to yourself especially if you want to sell your photo. While you are doing your research on which stock agency you want to work with, you might as well ask around someone with the same hobby as yours about the stock agency they are working with.

Study the Quality and Type of Image They Want

In general, stock agencies prefer a huge variety so you have to sell them with photos that are different from what they already have in their archives. So look for agencies that need your photos or make your photo different in some way such as the angle, lighting, or where you point your camera.

For Newbies, You Can Start with ALAMY

It is a vast online stock photography agency, which has minimum standards for size, resolution and quality. It is their belief that: if you have photos you should have a place to market them. So they provide great opportunities for newbies who want to sell their photos.

For those with larger image portfolio, try to sell your photos on large and very established popular sites. There are so many unknown microstock agencies all over the internet.  And the process of uploading and keywording the images is very time and energy consuming. Make sure to sell your photos on sites that do make sales.

Consider these following criteria:

  • Has more established reputation.
  • Pays the higher percentage.
  • Will promote your photos effectively and diligently.
  • Offers the best term of agreement regarding exclusivity.
  • Offers the best term of the agreement for removing your images.

Once you find a trusted agency, do your part so you too can earn a reputation with them, by being spontaneous with your craft and offering them unique, and high-quality photos.