6 Must-Have Free Photography Apps for Android and iOS

Free Photography Apps

Mitzi Ilagan | Fotograpiya

Technology has paved the way of bringing photography to one’s fingertips today. If before, you’ll need to buy a camera set with various accessories to be able to capture your subjects, today, all you need is a smartphone and photography apps to edit or enhance it.

Sure, there are lots of applications and software available, but, it is really difficult to choose which one you could use because of their distinct features. If you are an aspiring photographer who uses a smartphone or you’re someone who just likes taking photos and posting them on social media sites, here are the best apps which you could use.


With over 75 million monthy active users, Picsart is one of the most used photography apps which offers a user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate and use. Its photo editing tools include cloning, lens flare, perspective, photo blending, shape mask, text overlay and more. One good thing about this app is that it allows users could also combine their photos and graphics, as well as adding hand-drawn images. User could also share their photos through the Picsart community and through social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.


This is probably one of the most popular and used photo editing/sharing app. You could either import a photo or video from your camera roll or shoot on the spot and then edit it directly. There are lots of filters that you could choose from, and even the basic tools are available to be used. Even so, Instagram allows users to share your photos on its platform, which is one of the frequently used today. Instagram now also allows users to post non-square photos and video clips for a more fun feed. You may earn followers and likes as you post your photos from your everyday life, using hashtags and captions to describe them. This is one that’s worth downloading because it’s effective, versatile and free.


Originally on desktop as among the best photography apps in 2015, Pixlr boasts an interface that lets users edit their photos with its vast array of effects, text options, overlays, borders, filters, stickers and basic editing tools. It also now has eraser that one could use for autofix and autocontrast, and labels for better navigation through the effects.


This powerful photo editing app is well-loved by iOS users, and now, it is already available for Android users too. Snapseed offers a range of editing tools for adjusting a photo’s basic elements for tuning the image such as brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, ambiance and warmth as you slide your fingers upwards or downwards and the sliding it from left to right or vice-versa to adjust the level. It also has special effect filters to enhance your images. One thing that users love about this app is its details functions, which sharpens the image without distorting the appearance.


Working as both a camera app and a photo editing app, VSCO is one of the apps that photographers love using the most. It is a collection of filters, or what they call “presets” which gives a mix of classic and modern look to the photos being enhanced. The levels of the selected preset could also be adjusted to what kind of look you would want the photo would have. This app is free to download but additional sets of filters have to be purchased, which are not too costly.

This app also has a community where you could share your photos and where you could get inspiration from. The photos that you have enhanced could be posted to social media sites, especially on Instagram, where the hashtag VSCO is being widely used up to the present.

Photoshop Express

As you hear the word Photoshop, one may automatically relate it it photo editing or manipulation. The mobile app may not be as powerful as the desktop software but still, it offers tools which you will surely need for editing. It has basic functions including straighten and flip, filters and frames and it even supports RAW formats of photos, aside from JPEG and PNG. Also, it makes use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud as its cloud storage facility.

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